Companies can help football clubs achieve their dreams by helping them out with funds which come in handy when it comes to handling the day-to-day expenses of the team as well as the wages. As a company, you can help Bournemouth scale greater heights by giving them some form of financial aid. There are various ways in which you can help out the team. Every penny counts, and it adds towards the success of the team.

Pitch Fees & Tickets

The grounds require frequent maintenance for them to be attractive. Repairs, as well as routine maintenance practices, ensure that players do not get hurt while on the field and such measures take up a lot of money. You can help the team out by either paying for the services or supply materials which can be used to keep the grounds tidy and safe for all the users. Putting up some money to help in paying the cleaners as wells as the grounds-men is also beneficial. Whatever you give will be appreciated by the team and the fans as a whole. The revenue from the ticket sales goes into paying the players as well as covering any other expenses the team needs to get included. You can get tickets for your employees. In this way, not only will you have boosted the revenue that Bournemouth gains but you will have given bonuses to your employees. You can expect positive changes from your employees as well as the team as a result of this decision.

1-0 down


For players to be at their best, they require undergoing regular training courses. A lot of money goes into training regarding wages to the coaches as well as the equipment used. There are many ways in which you could help the team out; supplying them with training equipment, offering to pay for coaching wages for a given period or giving them money for use in other aspects of training. The more skilled the players become, the better their chances at topping the League and walking away with a Cup.


Players’ kits get dirtied when they play, and the team incurs a lot of expenses in the laundry. Donating a washing machine to the organization can ease the burden of the costs and create convenience which would allow players to look their best when they step out onto the field.

Advertisements & Branding

You can put up signs which advertise your business in the field such that when the game is ongoing, spectators get to see the signage which can attract more customers to your firm. Not only do you get to have more revenue as a result of the extra customers but you also get to help Bournemouth meet their costs. You can get to have more customers in your establishment while supporting the team at the same time. How can you achieve this? Put up a sum of money, and the team gets to wear shirts with your company name on them. You both get to benefit. The Bournemouth website is another place where you can help them out with money. Get to sponsor the web pages and save them a great deal of money in the process.


We can help you promote your business to the local community whilst also supporting your local football team. We have various packages to suit you as listed below:

  1. Public address announcement.
  2. Loose handout material (provided by yourselves).
  3. Four complimentary match tickets, including use of boardroom facilities and reserved car parking spaces for the game you are sponsoring.
  4. Hospitality at half and full time in the boardroom.
  5. Poppies Man of the Match selection and award.

You could advertise in the Poppies match programme. To suit all potential advertisers of any size, rates are available for Quarter of a page, half page or full page. Match Programme sponsorship is also available, your business name appearing on the front and back cover of every first team programme issued for the season. This package will also give you four complimentary match tickets, including use of boardroom facilities and reserved car parking spaces for any two League matches of the sponsor`s choice in the season.

You could sponsor a first team Bournemouth Poppies home match ball. In return for your payment you would receive:

  1. Your business name appearing in the match programme.
  2. Public address announcement.
  3. Loose handout material (provided by yourselves).
  4. Two complimentary match tickets, including use of boardroom facilities and reserved car parking spaces for the game you are sponsoring.
  5. Refreshments at half and full time.

Free kick


  1. Acknowledgment in match programme on the stadium.
  2. Meet the Manager and players.
  3. Half Time refreshments.
  4. Two complimentary match tickets for one League match of sponsor`s choice.

Full kit, shirt, shorts, socks and boots, training kit packages for players are all available. Shirts, shorts, socks, training kit. In return for your payment you would receive your business name appearing in the match programme as well as two complimentary match ticket for one League match of sponsor`s choice.

You could have a board made up for you including artwork to advertise your company at our ground. The club is regularly featured in the local press, and this is supported by colour photography on this website as well. These photos will feature some match action, so the opportunity to see your name on the players shirts, or on advertising boards around the ground in the local press or on our website will give your sponsorship extra added value.