Origins of football in Bournemouth

Bournemouth FC is a professional football club that plays in the English Premier League and got formed in the year 1890. Then, it was known as Boscombe St John’s Institute Football Club. Nine years later, they changed their name to Boscombe FC. They subsequently modified their name to Bournemouth and Boscombe Athletic Football Club in 1923. AFC Bournemouth, the name they currently go by, got settled on in 1972. Since 2010, this team has played at Dean Court, and their home colors are shirts with black and red stripes and black socks and shorts. A century into their formation, this team holds a lot of promise for the future.


Bournemouth holds wins in both the second and third tiers in English football, and they have achieved runners-up positions twice in the fourth level. Also in their awards include victories in a Football League Trophy and a Football League Third Division South Cup. Most of their history has gotten spent in the third tier. Bournemouth receives management services from Eddie Howe who has worked tirelessly to help the team rise in the ranks. Thanks to his efforts, Bournemouth played in the top division for the first time in the 2015/16 season.

Boscombe Football Club

Though the exact date when the club came to be is not known, evidence points to the time in the autumn of 1899. It got made from the remains of its predecessor Boscombe St. John’s Lad’s Institute Football Club. Its president was Mr. J. C. Nutt. In their very first season, they competed in the District Junior League and Bournemouth as well as the Hants Junior Cup. For the first two seasons, they played in a pitch in Castlemaine Avenue, and they played their third at King’s Park. In the 1905/06 season, they began playing senior amateur football. They finally leased the Dean Court in 1910, and they occupy the pitch ever since. It is around this time that they got the name ‘The Cherries.’ They got to compete in the FA Cup in 1913/14, showing that they were growing fast. Their growth got encumbered by the First World War, and they returned to the Hampshire League. The third division of the Football League got formed in 1920 and Bournemouth took up a spot in the Southern League.

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Bournemouth and Boscombe Athletic Football Club

Boscombe changed their name to Bournemouth and Boscombe Athletic Football Club in a bid to make their name more representative of the area which they occupied. That was in 1923, the same year in which they got to take up a spot in the newly formed third division. In their first League game at Dean Court, they drew 0-0 with Swindon. Though they struggled at first in the division, they finally found their footing and went on to excel in the category, getting a record as one of the teams which lasted in that group the longest. They finally got their first trophy after the Second World War when they beat Walsall at the final in the game held at Stamford Bridge.

AFC Bournemouth

John Bond, the then manager in 1972, changed the name Bournemouth and Boscombe Athletic Football Club to AFC Bournemouth. In the same year, they adopted the use of a badge on their wear as a sign of their progress. Under the management of Harry Redknapp, the team became better and even defeated Manchester United in the FA cup of 1994. They also got to be in the second tier of the EPL for the first time. They finished 9th in the EPL season 0f 2016/17, showing that their hard work paid off and they can comfortably play in the big leagues.