Brading Town 2-3 Bournemouth Poppies

Our impressive form against the Romans continued in today`s game, making it nine from nine wins-although we were made to hang on a little at the end. Kicking uphill towards the clubhouse end in the opening half we took the game to our hosts and dominated the half. Our first attack in Brading on two minutes saw a curling shot from Saadi headed away by a defender with McCormack already having made a dive, however within a minute we had taken an early lead. The ball fell nicely to Sanderson some 25 yards out and he fired the ball goalwards, it took a slight defection to go past McCormack. Five minutes on, and Gary Langrish was sent on his way from a superbly weighted pass from Beckett. The cross in to Swann saw the defender get in a fine tackle to deny the opportunity. In the tenth minute we had an attack broken up for a free kick. Saadi took it, but Brading stepped up at just the right moment (for them) to catch us offside, and within a minute Saadi had another free kick from a similar position but on this occasion it was just too far ahead of our strikers.

First half

Roberts was able to go on a long unchallenged run just two minutes later but the final shot didn`t trouble McCormack. Bradings first real chance came on 15 minutes and a corner was awarded, Beckett was able to clear the danger from this by heading off the line. Almost immediately we broke away. Roberts run and cross won us another corner. Saadi`s deep corner was headed down by Blake to Stuart Langrish and the ball was played back across the home goalmouth and although well placed Swann was just unable to stretch enough to make contact. In the 23rd minute Greening made a quick break before passing to Williams, but we managed to get cover on and restricted our hosts to a tame shot. We continued to enjoy most of the possession, and but for the heavy pitch that gave an unpredictable bounce had two further chances from Gary Langrish and Roberts before on the half hour Brading were awarded a free kick after a somewhat dubious handball near the edge of the area, but the threat was well defended by the wall. Wrixton then showed off some fine tricks in his approach play to set up Swann who lobbed the keeper and was very unlucky to see the ball bounce to safety off the crossbar. Forty minutes in and Beckett was instrumental in our next attack, starting from inside his own half a run up the flank and a couple of one-twos that eventually succumbed to a good stopping tackle.


Brading Town`s Last match

Almost immediately again we did have the ball in the net again, but the Assistant on the dugout side had his flag raised for offside, but we were not to be denied a second moments before the break, Swann was impeded and Gary Langrish`s free kick was headed goalwards but not cleared properly and when the ball was played back into the mixer, Sanderson was on hand to stab the ball home. With Brading still in the dressing room we extended our lead to three on 50 minutes after Wrixton and Saadi had combined well to get the ball into the final third it was Wrixton who played the ball across the face of goal and Swann was on hand to literally walk the ball in from less than a yard. Despite the effort of a Brading defender. Brading almost got one back though on 57 minutes when Beckett and Crutcher both went for the same ball but the resulting corner was no real threat to our lead. We visibly began to tire as time progressed and it was no real surprise when Brading scored their opener. With 72 minutes gone, Brading were awarded a free kick around 22 yards from goal. Greening stepped up and smashed the ball home despite Vaughan`s best efforts. A great strike it has to be said. Despite this setback Poppies had further chances to extend the lead on 78 when an effort by Saadi was off target and with five minutes remaining Marks` surging run won a corner- from which Hall`s drive was charged down. Looking very tired, we conceded a second with a minute left when a stinging short range shot from Vale was tipped into the net by Vaughan. Brading huffed and puffed a bit for the dying minutes but failed to get a third- which would have been a great shame after all our hard work in the first hour.

Arguing on the pitchPLAYER OF THE MATCH: Dave WRIXTON

Kenny VAUGHAN (8)
Wayne CRUTCHER (8)
Stuart LANGRISH (8)
John BLAKE (9)
Dave WRIXTON (9)
Paul ROBERTS (8)
Fawzi SAADI (9)
Jack SWANN (8)

Our Best Starting XI

AFC Bournemouth, also known as The Cherries, is a professional football club with its base set in Bournemouth. It takes part in the Premier League and is one of the best football clubs in the English football league. Their ground, the Dean Court, has a capacity of eleven thousand three hundred and sixty. This highly successful football team relies on the hard work of their coach as well as the team players and together, they deliver exceptional results.

Asmir Begovic

He came from both Bosnia and Herzegovina and was born thirty years ago in Trebinje. Asmir plays in the starting line-up as the goalkeeper. With his excellent skills on the field, Asmir had made contributions to the team, enabling them to clinch awards in various levels. Medals held include the winning position in the Premier League of 2016/2017, the winning cup of the FA of 2007/2008, the runner-up positions in FA in 2016/17 and 2010/11 as well as the runner-up position in the Community Shield of 2015,2016. Asmir has played on various teams for both loan and transfer purposes such as Chelsea, Stoke, Portsmouth, Ipswich, Yeovil and La Louviere. During his career, he has had injuries to his ankle and finger.

Adam Smith

This defender was born twenty-six years ago in London, England and he plays with his right foot. He holds the championship-winning cup of 2014/15, owing to his impressive performance on the field during that season. Adam has played for Tottenham, Derby, Millwall, Leeds, Mk Dons, Torquay and Wycombe during his career. He joined Bournemouth on the 28th of January 2014. Injuries sustained during games include a knock, a broken nose, and an inguinal hernia.

Steve Cook

Steve got born in Hastings in England in 1991 and currently plays as a defender in Bournemouth. He can play using both his feet, and he weighs eighty-two kilos. His versatile plays have seen him win two medals while at Bournemouth: the championship win in 2014/15 and the League One runner-up in 2012/13. Steve played at Brighton before getting loaned to Bournemouth on 29th of November 2011. He later joined Bournemouth on 3rd of January the following year on other terms. He has suffered a knee injury, a knock, and an ankle injury during his time at Bournemouth.

Nathan Ake

Hailing from Netherlands, this twenty-two year old plays the position of defender. He plays with his left foot and weighs seventy-five kilograms. Ake holds some prizes to his name. In the Club Domestic, he has two winning awards in the premier league and the League cup and two runners-up cups in the FA Cup and the Community Shield. In the Club International, he was the runner-up in the UEFA super cup, the FIFA Club world cup, the International Champions Cup as well as the Nextgen Series. Nationally, he holds a UEFA U17 Championship-winning cup. He has played for Chelsea, Watford, and Reading. During his career at Bournemouth, he has sustained injuries to his ankle and hamstring.

Charlie Daniels

Charlie weighs seventy-five kilograms and plays defense. He was born thirty-one years ago in Harlow, England and he plays with his left foot. Daniels has two awards earned during his time at Bournemouth, and they are the championship honor in 2014/15 and the League One runner-up trophy in 2012/13. He played for Leyton and Gillingham before joining Bournemouth on 25th of November in 20111. He has three injuries from his time at Bournemouth to his hamstring and thigh.

Jordon Ibe

Born twenty-one years ago in London, Jordon is a midfielder at Bournemouth. He weighs eighty-one kilos and can play with both his feet. Jordon has emerged the winner at the League Cup in 2011/12 and runner-up in the premier league, FA Cup, and the league cup. He was also runner-up at the UEFA Europa League and the International Champions Cup. With experience in Liverpool, Derby, Wycombe, and Birmingham, he is an excellent addition to Bournemouth. He has suffered knee injuries, illness, and a hamstring injury while at Bournemouth.


Andrew Surman

This midfielder was born in Johannesburg thirty-one years ago, and he plays with his left foot. He holds two cups for his time at Bournemouth: winner at Championships in 2014/15 and runner-up in the Championships in 2010/2011. Before signing with Bournemouth, he played at Norwich, Wolverhampton, Walsall, and Southampton. He has suffered knee injuries, calf muscle strain, and a hamstring injury while at Bournemouth.

Marc Pugh

Born in Bacup in England thirty years ago, Marc plays the midfield position and uses his right foot. He has two awards: the championship win of 2014/15 and the League One runner-up of 2012/13. Marc has played for Hereford, Luton, and Shrewsbury. During his time at Bournemouth, he has sustained injuries to his hamstring and calf muscle.

Harry Arter

Harry was born twenty-seven years ago in Ireland and plays the midfield with his left foot. He weighs seventy kilos. He won the championship in 2014/15 and clinched the runner-up position in the League One in 2012/13. He has played in Carlisle, Woking, and Charlton. Injuries sustained at Bournemouth include tendonitis, a calf injury, a groin strain and an ankle injury.

Joshua King

Joshua was born in Norway and is an attacker at Bournemouth. He can play using both feet, and this makes him an asset to the team. He has won the league cup and the premier league and has gotten to be a runner-up in the Community Shield and the premier league. In club international, he walked away as a runner-up in 2010/11. He has played for Preston, Manchester United, Hull and Blackburn. Injuries sustained since joining Bournemouth include back injuries, hamstring injuries and a knock.

Callum Wilson

This English player was born twenty-five years ago in Coventry. He can attack using both feet, and he weighs sixty-six kilos. He won the championship in 2014/15. He played in Tamworth and Coventry before joining Bournemouth in 2014. He has suffered injuries to his knee, head, and hamstring while playing at Bournemouth. With the abundant talent of both the players and the coach, Bournemouth continues to excel in the English Premier League.

Coach: Edie Howe

Eddie got born in England on 29th November in 1977 at Amersham. He took up a career in football coaching, and during his years on the field, he has helped shape the talents of hundreds of players who have come by his teachings. Edward joined AFC Bournemouth in December 2008, and he coached the players for a few years before leaving the club in January 2011 when he headed to Burnley. He did not stay long at Burnley and in October 2012, he came back to coach Bournemouth and has been on the team ever since. A man of Eddie’s skills gets to walk away with some awards during his career. He holds two to his name: the Championship win of 2014/15 and the runners-up in the League One of 2012/13. His efficiency in coaching will enable Bournemouth to keep being one of the top teams in the English Premier League.

Our fans in Australia

Having lived in Bournemouth for at least twenty decades before I made a move to Australia for work, I felt lost without my home team Bournemouth FC. I lived hoping for a day when I would be back at the Dean Grounds cheering my team on surrounded by other like-minded people and it is in this hope that the idea of a Fan Club struck me. I looked around and found other people from Bournemouth who were as into the team as I was and together, we came up with a group. Currently, we have fifty members of our fan club, and we hope that this number grows in the coming years. All our activities gear towards cheering our team on and helping them in any way that we can. Our fan base keeps growing over time, and in the coming years, we will be in a position to produce magazines, organize trips to Bournemouth and acquire tickets at discounted prices. Join us today and be part of the team.

Football Stands

Functions of our club

Watching matches – Given that our main aim is to cheer on Bournemouth as they make more milestones in the Premier League, we make a point to stay updated on all their achievements. When they sign on a player, we ensure that we find out the minute that contract is on the table to help us stay in touch with them. We come together each time Bournemouth is playing against another team, and we do it every time without fail. We meet up at a central location where we can watch the game, cheer and shout as much as we want to and enjoy some recreational facilities. Organization of the place where we will watch the match takes place weeks before the game, and everyone gets to contribute an idea, and the majority wins. We get to wear Bournemouth jerseys while watching the game and this makes the entire experience fun.

Events – Other than meeting up for matches, we also organize events where we get to celebrate significant milestones in the club such as winning cups and high seasons. We contribute a little money which goes to the club kitty, and when we have such events, the drinks and activities get paid for using this money. We plan to organize trips to Bournemouth where we will have the opportunity to watch the game amidst other fans, and this is something we can do at least once a year. The more our fan club grows, the more significant our recognition and we can do more for the organization then.

Website – We have a site where we keep other fans updated on the happenings of the club. You can view new signings, injuries, line-ups, suspensions, upcoming matches, placing on the table as well as any other information that you want about the team. If you wish, you can sign up and join our club, enabling us to be more.

The top scorer of 2016

What can you expect from us?

News  – We give you the latest news on Bournemouth; we give you the updates on various media sources as well as on tickets. In this way, you get to know whenever a match is coming up and you prepare yourself accordingly. If you wish to travel to Bournemouth to watch a live game, we get you a ticket.

Matches – Get to know the fixtures and results of the Poppies games as well as the Premier League calendar which will help you understand when to anticipate a play. With time, we hope to come up with a program as well as a magazine which we can use to spread information on the team’s performance. We also communicate regularly, and we send out message alerts on any changes to fixtures such as the postponing of games to update our members so that we can plan accordingly. You also get access to all league tables which Bournemouth plays in.

History of the club – We share information on how Bournemouth came to be by discussing the formation of the organization as well as the history of Dean Court. Honors received by the team as well as its players are also shared during our meetings as well as on the website and text alerts. Get to know more about Bournemouth by getting insight into its past players and its Hall of Fame.

Why you should join us

Socialization – We get to bring in more members now and then and you will get to meet new people. Our frequent meetings will help you make friends in the process, and you will thoroughly enjoy being part of us.

Comradeship – The feeling we get when we sit together and watch our favorite team play is irreplaceable. Being surrounded by people rooting for the same team you support is a fantastic feeling that helps us enjoy the game even more. Even when we lose, we get to enjoy each other’s company.

Origins of football in Bournemouth

Bournemouth FC is a professional football club that plays in the English Premier League and got formed in the year 1890. Then, it was known as Boscombe St John’s Institute Football Club. Nine years later, they changed their name to Boscombe FC. They subsequently modified their name to Bournemouth and Boscombe Athletic Football Club in 1923. AFC Bournemouth, the name they currently go by, got settled on in 1972. Since 2010, this team has played at Dean Court, and their home colors are shirts with black and red stripes and black socks and shorts. A century into their formation, this team holds a lot of promise for the future.


Bournemouth holds wins in both the second and third tiers in English football, and they have achieved runners-up positions twice in the fourth level. Also in their awards include victories in a Football League Trophy and a Football League Third Division South Cup. Most of their history has gotten spent in the third tier. Bournemouth receives management services from Eddie Howe who has worked tirelessly to help the team rise in the ranks. Thanks to his efforts, Bournemouth played in the top division for the first time in the 2015/16 season.

Boscombe Football Club

Though the exact date when the club came to be is not known, evidence points to the time in the autumn of 1899. It got made from the remains of its predecessor Boscombe St. John’s Lad’s Institute Football Club. Its president was Mr. J. C. Nutt. In their very first season, they competed in the District Junior League and Bournemouth as well as the Hants Junior Cup. For the first two seasons, they played in a pitch in Castlemaine Avenue, and they played their third at King’s Park. In the 1905/06 season, they began playing senior amateur football. They finally leased the Dean Court in 1910, and they occupy the pitch ever since. It is around this time that they got the name ‘The Cherries.’ They got to compete in the FA Cup in 1913/14, showing that they were growing fast. Their growth got encumbered by the First World War, and they returned to the Hampshire League. The third division of the Football League got formed in 1920 and Bournemouth took up a spot in the Southern League.

Nike Ball

Bournemouth and Boscombe Athletic Football Club

Boscombe changed their name to Bournemouth and Boscombe Athletic Football Club in a bid to make their name more representative of the area which they occupied. That was in 1923, the same year in which they got to take up a spot in the newly formed third division. In their first League game at Dean Court, they drew 0-0 with Swindon. Though they struggled at first in the division, they finally found their footing and went on to excel in the category, getting a record as one of the teams which lasted in that group the longest. They finally got their first trophy after the Second World War when they beat Walsall at the final in the game held at Stamford Bridge.

AFC Bournemouth

John Bond, the then manager in 1972, changed the name Bournemouth and Boscombe Athletic Football Club to AFC Bournemouth. In the same year, they adopted the use of a badge on their wear as a sign of their progress. Under the management of Harry Redknapp, the team became better and even defeated Manchester United in the FA cup of 1994. They also got to be in the second tier of the EPL for the first time. They finished 9th in the EPL season 0f 2016/17, showing that their hard work paid off and they can comfortably play in the big leagues.