Our fans in Australia

Having lived in Bournemouth for at least twenty decades before I made a move to Australia for work, I felt lost without my home team Bournemouth FC. I lived hoping for a day when I would be back at the Dean Grounds cheering my team on surrounded by other like-minded people and it is in this hope that the idea of a Fan Club struck me. I looked around and found other people from Bournemouth who were as into the team as I was and together, we came up with a group. Currently, we have fifty members of our fan club, and we hope that this number grows in the coming years. All our activities gear towards cheering our team on and helping them in any way that we can. Our fan base keeps growing over time, and in the coming years, we will be in a position to produce magazines, organize trips to Bournemouth and acquire tickets at discounted prices. Join us today and be part of the team.

Football Stands

Functions of our club

Watching matches – Given that our main aim is to cheer on Bournemouth as they make more milestones in the Premier League, we make a point to stay updated on all their achievements. When they sign on a player, we ensure that we find out the minute that contract is on the table to help us stay in touch with them. We come together each time Bournemouth is playing against another team, and we do it every time without fail. We meet up at a central location where we can watch the game, cheer and shout as much as we want to and enjoy some recreational facilities. Organization of the place where we will watch the match takes place weeks before the game, and everyone gets to contribute an idea, and the majority wins. We get to wear Bournemouth jerseys while watching the game and this makes the entire experience fun.

Events – Other than meeting up for matches, we also organize events where we get to celebrate significant milestones in the club such as winning cups and high seasons. We contribute a little money which goes to the club kitty, and when we have such events, the drinks and activities get paid for using this money. We plan to organize trips to Bournemouth where we will have the opportunity to watch the game amidst other fans, and this is something we can do at least once a year. The more our fan club grows, the more significant our recognition and we can do more for the organization then.

Website – We have a site where we keep other fans updated on the happenings of the club. You can view new signings, injuries, line-ups, suspensions, upcoming matches, placing on the table as well as any other information that you want about the team. If you wish, you can sign up and join our club, enabling us to be more.

The top scorer of 2016

What can you expect from us?

News  – We give you the latest news on Bournemouth; we give you the updates on various media sources as well as on tickets. In this way, you get to know whenever a match is coming up and you prepare yourself accordingly. If you wish to travel to Bournemouth to watch a live game, we get you a ticket.

Matches – Get to know the fixtures and results of the Poppies games as well as the Premier League calendar which will help you understand when to anticipate a play. With time, we hope to come up with a program as well as a magazine which we can use to spread information on the team’s performance. We also communicate regularly, and we send out message alerts on any changes to fixtures such as the postponing of games to update our members so that we can plan accordingly. You also get access to all league tables which Bournemouth plays in.

History of the club – We share information on how Bournemouth came to be by discussing the formation of the organization as well as the history of Dean Court. Honors received by the team as well as its players are also shared during our meetings as well as on the website and text alerts. Get to know more about Bournemouth by getting insight into its past players and its Hall of Fame.

Why you should join us

Socialization – We get to bring in more members now and then and you will get to meet new people. Our frequent meetings will help you make friends in the process, and you will thoroughly enjoy being part of us.

Comradeship – The feeling we get when we sit together and watch our favorite team play is irreplaceable. Being surrounded by people rooting for the same team you support is a fantastic feeling that helps us enjoy the game even more. Even when we lose, we get to enjoy each other’s company.